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Dumpling restaurant in Zetland tells you all about the different dumplings around the world

At E-Dragon, we pride ourselves for serving freshly made dumplings in Sydney. Our Shanghai style dumplings in Zetland is one of the most ordered dishes! Did you know that other than Shanghai style dumplings, there are about more than 30 types of dumplings around the world? Read on to find out more about the different styles as E-Dragon, the best dumpling bar in Sydney, goes into details.

A dumpling is simply a dough filled with fillings. The fillings could be sweet or savoury, depending on the cuisine and cooking method.

One of the most popular types of Chinese dumpling is “Xiao Long Bao” or also known as Pork Juicy Dumplings. Just like its name, it contains pork and broth to ensure that when you bite into the dumpling, there is a burst of flavours that keep you asking for more.

Did you know that the Italian ravioli is also a form of dumplings? Other than that, there is the famous Sze Chuan spicy wanton, drenched in chilli oil, peppercorn and vinegar making it a great appetiser.

Dim Sim is also a popular choice of dumplings in Australia and at E-Dragon, best dumpling restaurant in Sydney.

Ready some dumplings? Time to head down to East Village for a dumpling feast at the best dumpling bar in Zetland, Sydney.