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Tips for healthy Chinese cooking, by the Dumpling Bar Sydney

We know how people have built up this stigma around Chinese food in general as being unhealthy and extremely greasy, well the truth is that there are plenty of ways for you to be able to cook and eat healthy Chinese food. So the Dumpling Bar in Sydney have some tips for healthy Chinese cooking.

Whether you’re thinking about eating out or cooking at home, these apply to all places that serve Chinese food and if you’re looking to cut down or be healthy just order these types of foods as well. Here are some tips from our dumpling restaurant in Sydney:

• Make stir-fries as there is little to no oil involved, it only has the natural flavours in juices from the ingredients added
• Use lots of garlic, ginger and chili as there are many health benefits from them
• Dim sum are only bite sized portioned meals
• Healthy Soups and there are way too many to name here
• Make your own sauces, and control the amount of salt and sugar you put into them
• Tofu dishes, tofu has the ability to absorb any flavour you put in the pot and can truly become a wonderful taste
• Enhance flavours by using dried ingredients
• Use rice noodles and brown rice as your staples as they are healthier options

See now that you know how healthy Chinese food can be made, be sure to come and try our authentic dumplings in Sydney for a taste of China itself!

We are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, so feel free to come by the Dumpling Bar Sydney and we hope to see you soon.