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Things you should know about ordering healthy Chinese take away, by the Dumpling Bar Sydney

Before you go wild and start ordering an entire range of foods at any Chinese restaurant, there are a few things that you should be aware of when ordering take away. The Dumpling Bar Sydney will explain to you what you should order when you are trying to be healthy.

Our dumpling restaurant in Sydney will inform you on some things about take away for Chinese food that you should be aware of:

• If you’re on a diet, be careful of some of the hidden calories
• Lobster sauce is actually good for you and low in calories
• Be sure to get your veggies and meats stir fried, it leaves them healthy and tasty
• Order as many stir fry dishes as you want, they offer many health benefits due to the ingredients
• Did you know that prawns are the healthiest protein for you to order on a menu
• Always ask for fresh tofu and not crispy tofu
• Did you know that the portions offered by Chinese restaurants are meant for two people
• Be sure to order the steamed dumplings in Sydney for less calories

We hope that you can now enjoy the Chinese cuisines without the worry of ruining your diet! Our authentic dumplings in Sydney are waiting for you.

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