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The difference between dim sum and wontons, by the Dumpling Bar Sydney

Let the Dumpling Bar Sydney tell you about the difference between Dim Sum and Wontons!

Wontons are another type of dumpling that first originated from the Southern Provinces in China. They usually contain a small amount of filling, wrapped in a fairly large thin piece of pastry that often overhangs off of your spoon. These bundles of joy are served and boiled in a soup, you should never have to encounter fried wontons! The wonton is one of the many descendants from authentic dumplings, yet a considered to be one of the tastiest!

While on the other hand, Dim Sum, which is normally found in Hong Kong restaurants more in the west. Some of the most common dishes that are associated with dim sum are dishes of dumplings, pastries and various poultries such as chicken feet! Dim Sum in Chinese means ‘touch the heart’. One of the most important things to know about Dim Sum is that it is not one particular dish, it is made up of a variety of different dishes on offer for you to eat.

We hope that our Dumpling restaurant in Sydney has offered enough information for you to distinguish the difference between something as simple as wontons to dim sum!

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