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Healthy reasons to eat chili, by the Dumpling Bar Sydney

Want to know why some many people of Chinese origins are always eating chilli throughout their diets? Well the Dumpling Bar Sydney has a few healthy reasons to eat chilli! The next time you need a reason to put chilli in your food just be sure to come visit our blog!

Our healthy reasons to eat chilli include:

• High in protein
• High in fiber
• Has vitamin C
• A good source of iron
• Chilli also has properties of capsicum, which means they are a good source of food to eat when loosing weight
• Chilli can improve your mood
• Can reduce your cravings for sugar and fat
• Regulate your blood sugar
• Can clear congestion

These are just a few health benefits you can gain from eating chilli, we’ve incorporated it into our diets at the Dumpling Restaurant in Sydney.

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